If you are new, please refer to the Topic: After registering, what do I do?
If you need help installing the Live Actions Addon, please refer to the Topic: Installing Live Actions Addon

After registering, what do I do?

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 you should be logged in TSW and have it fully functional.

Important You need TSW program that contains the new licensing system, a link to this program is included in the registration email.

After you register, in order to get the ball rolling you need to do 3 main things:

1 Configure Your Server.
2 Make a Key.
3 Put the Key ID in TSW program.

1 Configure Your Server.

  1. On Key Management, click on the Pencil icon of the server you want to configure.
  2. It will ask you for a Master Password, if you havent already, choose one.
  3. Fill in all the details of your server.
    Quick tips:
    To make your life easier, instead of filling in the details manually on the website, you can use TSW programs New Key menu, it allows you to test your settings step by step and at the end it provides an Export button, just copy (control+c) the text provided and paste (control+v) it on the Import section of the configure server screen. Make sure to double check all if all fields were properly imported.
    Rcon host is the same as your server ip, the one you use to connect directly to it.
    Rcon password is your BattlEye password, normally it is the same as ingame rcon, but could be different.
    Your database needs to allow remote connections. You can change this on your database by going to the "mysql" database, to the "user" table, and then changing the field "Host" to "%" instead of "localhost"
    Your database host should not contain any semi-colon in it, if you have "db.joe.com:3306" you need to break that up into a field with "db.joe.com" and another with "3306"
    Most hosts use the same database name and database username.
    Remember that FTP is optional, if you are having problems finding out the correct information, just skip it.
  4. Optional Advanced DB setup : If your vehicles or players show up on the top right corner, you will need to do Advanced DB setup.
    World ID is the number that corresponds to your map, Chernarus is normally 1, you can find this number by looking at your "survivor" table since this number is directly tied to bodies of players.
    Instance ID is your servers instance number on the database, you can find out this number by looking at your "instance_vehicle" table, since this number is directly tied to vehicles spawned.
  5. Click Update.

2 Make a Key.

  1. On Key Management, click on the "New Key" button.
  2. Input the same Master Password that you have done previously for the server.
  3. Choose a password. This Password will be for using inside TSW, it can (and should) be different than any other password you have used so far.
  4. Choose a comment, so you know who this Key is for, example: Main Admin
  5. Click Update.
  6. Optional: Make more Keys to your admins, I recommend doing one for each admin. With different passwords, and use their names in the comment section

3 Put the Key ID in TSW program.

  1. On Key Management, click on the "Export" button.
  2. Copy the Key ID created, off the white area (you can copy them all at once if you wish or one by one)
  3. Open TSW program, choose a map, go on Keys button and where it says "Paste Key IDs here" paste (control+v) the Key IDs that you copied from the website.
  4. Press Save. It will take you back to the login screen.
  5. Choose the Key ID you wish to use. (in case you only have one, it will be choosen by default)
  6. Input the password associated with that Key ID and hit ENTER on your keyboard (or press login)

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 you should be logged in TSW and have it fully functional.

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Help New User Key Management

Installing Live Actions Addon

Currently outdated due to fixes in HiveExt, please wait for an update, will come in the form of a DLL you install on the server.

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 you should have the Live Actions Addon installed properly.

Important You need TSW program connected and configured properly before starting this.

To get the Live Actions Addon installed there is 3 main things:

1 Install the TSW tables.
2 Install the server-side scripts on the database and your server.
3 Test everything.

1 Installing the TSW tables.

  1. Open TSW, login as you normally would, on the top right, click Toolbox and then Ingame Toolbox.
  2. Ingame Toolbox is where all scripts are managed, so go on the Scripts Management tab.
  3. Open the Live Actions Installer.
  4. Press Install DB tables, it will give you a status update, wait until it says Done.
    Quick tips:
            If the status update never reaches done, its possible that your database user, that you used to connect TSW with doesnt have permissions to create the tables needed.
    To Solve this, you will have to either use the root user, or give your database user the permissions needed (create and alter tables).
    This step will also try and do the step 2.2 for you if everything goes as planned, however, repeat step 2 just in case.
  5. Proceed to step 2.

2 Installing the server-side scripts on the database and your server.

  1. On tab Step 2 of the Live Actions installer, called Scripts Install, choose Vilayer if your server host is Vilayer, else, select Normal install.

  2. Vilayer Install
    1. On Vilayer there are some scripts on the control panel to install the code for you, but it requires an Installer ID, you can get the Installer ID from the Key Management page of this website or inside the TSW tool (available after you login).
    2. Once you have the Installer ID, open up your Vilayer Server Control Panel.
    3. Open up your Addons Manager and find TSW Server Side Functions tab. It should be near the bottom.
    4. Paste the Installer ID, and proceed with the install. The server will need to be stopped before you do this.

    Normal Install
    1. On Normal Install, you have to paste in some SQF code TSW generates for you on your dayz_server.pbo file, the Installer ID will be retrieved and put in the code for you.
    2. You will need to be able to extract your dayz_server.pbo file (PBO View Download), edit a text file and then compress it again and upload it to your server.
    3. Download/find and extract your dayz_server.pbo file to a folder in your computer.
    4. Open the dayz_server folder and then the system folder, find the server_monitor.sqf file and open it with a text editor, "Sublime Text 2" is best but "Notepad" is fine.
    5. On TSWs Live Actions installer, press Generate Server Side Code, it will contact my servers to get the updated code and show you in a textbox, select it all (control+a) and copy it (control+c).
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the file. Find the the line that reads "sm_done = true;", on the line just before this, paste (control+v) in the code TSW generated and save the file.
      Alternatively, if you cannot find this line, look for the variable allowConnection = true; and paste the code before that, different mods will have different variables, but usually, TSW code should run just before the server finishes loading.
    7. Pack (compress) the dayz_server folder into the dayz_server.pbo again, you might want to delete the original dayz_server.pbo first, or rename it, just so you know the new dayz_server.pbo is the one with the changes applied.
    8. Upload/copy the new dayz_server.pbo to your server so it replaces the existing one with the new one you just created.
  3. Start your server and go ingame to start the mission, at this time you shouldnt see any differences at all, make sure everything still works, it should.
          If the server crash after you login into the game there are a number of possible reasons :
          If you have not messed with any other functions inside TSW, it could mean that the tables needed are missing and that step 1 has failed.
  4. Press Install TSW Server-Side Functions.
  5. Restart your server and go ingame. You should read "TSW Permanent Scripts Loaded! in your RPT file (this is ARMA2s server log file).

3 Testing everything.

  1. On TSW Live Actions installer, proceed to Step 3 -> Testing
  2. Test your database.
            This test will execute a "show tables" query on your database and
            see if the tables used by TSW were installed successfully.
            This test will be executed using your Installer ID automatically.
            If this test fails you should repeat Step 1 -> Installing TSW Tables.
            If it still fails or never reaches Done, troubleshoot it :


    Check if the database user you used when configuring TSW has the correct permissions. The database user should have permissions to create, drop and alter tables.
  3. Test Server-Side Functions.
            This test will execute query against the TSW tables to find out
            if the scripts that need to be executed on your server were installed
            This will also check if those scripts are outdated by comparing them with
            current most up-to-date version on my servers, if found to be outdated,
            this will update those scripts.
            If this test fails you should repeat Step 2.2 -> Install TSW Server-Side Functions
            If it still fails or never reaches Done, troubleshoot it :


    Check if the database user you used when configuring TSW has the correct permissions. For this test to pass, your database user needs to have permissions to insert and update the TSW tables in your database.
  4. Test Live Actions.
            This test will garantee that the Live Actions Addon is working.
            Even if this test succeeds, there is still a chance to be problems
            in other functions or scripts.
            There is also the possibility of the addon beeing installed properly
            but not functioning (or some of the functions not working) due to other
            scripts, mods or anti-hacks running on the server.
            If this test fails, you should repeat ALL steps done before.


    Live Actions Addon injects scripts into your server and your players, this means that other anti-hacks could cause it to fail completely or partly, depending on what exactly those scripts do. If those other anti-hacks have action whitelisting, you could try and configure them accordingly, however, I cannot provide support for other anti-hacks and you should contact the developers of said software for support. This also means that it could trigger Battleye filter options, causing logs or kicks, but never global bans. If this is the case, matching the log entry to the filter rule and modifying the rule to allow said action will fix it. You should check to see if there are no other anti-hacks, scripts running on the server that could mess with datetime changing.

    My Server crashes!

    If your server crashes when a player logs into the server, this could mean that the database user that YOUR SERVER (not TSW software) is using doesnt have delete permissions. Due to the way it works, this addon will keep a list of actions to perform on your server, those actions are executed and then a delete command will be sent to the database to signal that, that action is done and should not be done again, thus removing it from the execute list. This is the reason why delete permissions are needed for the database user of your servers HiveExt (the piece of software that connects ARMA2 engine where DayZ is running to your database server, where it stores information). Its also possible that the version of your HiveExt is not compatible with the delete command, this is often the case with some releases of the DayZCC server package. If this is the case for you, contact DayZCC via their foruns for support.

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 you should have the Live Actions Addon installed properly.

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