The SilentWarrior Anti-Hack

TSW will empower you to do better administration decisions, and keep your players happy.

You can contact SilentWarrior directly on

Please email me regarding purchase of the tool or any questions you may have. It is possible to contact me via skype/irc/teamspeak, however, please contact me via email beforehand.

Info How it works

TSW works by connecting directly to the server via RCON, Database and FTP and accessing the information stored there. By cross referencing the database information and RCON, TSW can read the position values for every single player on your server, their current inventory, backpack, skin, how long he they been alive and more.

It will take advantage of all these cross references to make decisions on whether or not to flag a player as a possible hacker. It will weigh all the factors involved and compare them against known hack behavior and then choose whether or not to alert you about such activity or ignore it.

TSW can also use rules that you provide via the configuration, so it can better know what to do when such situations occur. One example situation is when it detects a player with an item, weapon or skin that you deem illegal, it will let you choose either to warn you about it, kick the player or ban the player.

Important Requirements

TSW connects remotely to your server, but can also connect locally in case your computer is also the server.

As such, it will require unblocked connections to the following:

Required RCON - IP of your server, Port of your server and Password for RCON admin panel.

Required Database - IP/Host and Port of your database, Database name, Database Username and Database password. In case of non-local servers, your database has to be set to allow remote connections. Only Bliss/Reality And Epoch private hives are currently supported.

Required 3D Graphics card, if you are playing DayZ on the computer where you install TSW, you already have one.

Optional FTP - IP/Host and Port of your ftp, username, password and base path to your log files.

Map View

TSW uses high resolution maps for showing where players are on your server. It is updated every 30 seconds (can be reconfigured), and contains the exact positions of every player, vehicle and tent.

TSW currently supports Chernarus, Namalsk, Taviana, Lingor and Panthera.

The map view contains a camera that lets you zoom in close or zoom out for a satellite style view by scrolling your mouse, panning with mouse dragging or with default, shooter style 'W','S', 'A' and 'D' keys. You can also do a quick zoom by right clicking and holding your mouse button.

It will also allow you to have a full 3D view of the map, FPS style. You can even jump, this helps when you are bored. :D

Player tracers allow you to easily track your players around the map and spot whether they are using any type of "extra-sensory" gadgets such as ESP or map hacks.

By knowing exactly where a player has been, you can easily tell, just by looking if he is seaching around for loot, stalking players, checking out vehicles, meeting up with his friends or even checking out deer stands.

It also allows you to quickly spot teleporters. A teleporter will normally show a big straight line from one position to another, and by having a tracer you can also know where he came from and quickly determine if he is a new spawn trying to hack your server, or he just happens to have been teleported by someone else.

Player Tracers

Map View Vehicles

TSW uses real 3D vehicle models to show in-game objects. One of those is vehicles, those are shown by a 3D jeep model that reacts to position updates and user clicks.

When clicking on a vehicle model, a window will show, containing all the information TSW knows about that vehicle, including its name, how many vehicles are on the server, how long it has been "alive", its exact coordinates, what inventory it contains, what its damage status is, and how much fuel it has. Those last two can be edited, so you can quickly adjust the vehicles the way you want.

TSW also displays common actions you can perform on a vehicle, such as quick full repair, quick full refuel, teleport, see (teleports the camera to that vehicle), edit gear, update fuel and damage and delete.

Delete also allows you to delete the spawn point associated with the vehicle in question; this way, the vehicle spawn point creation and deletion process is streamlined to a simple point and click action that is simple and fast.

Tents are also displayed on the map. Those too are made of complete 3D models but contain no name tag, this way you will not get a cluttered map full of tags everywhere.

As well as players and vehicles, tents respond to user clicks by showing a window containing information regarding that specific tent. It will display the tent’s name, owner, player ID and also translate the ID to a name, location and allow you to perform common actions such as edit gear and delete.

As with vehicles and players, you can also see the complete inventory that a tent contains.

Map View Tents

Chat Features

TSW allows you to see all messages sent on your server, in all chat channels. That includes Side, Vehicle, Group, Direct chat, and also admin global and private messages

TSW also allows you to send global messages by simply typing in the text box under the chat window and pressing Enter. Your messages will be shown in-game, in bright red text, clearly identified as admin global messages for everyone to see.

In TSW the chat window also serves as place to quickly look at activity logs such as player joins, disconnections, kick/ban messages, global messages, admin login messages and several other generic messages.

Problems with the tool and your server in general will also be displayed here, where and when it matters.

All of this comes in an interface that is fully tabbed and all messages are sorted into their own tab categories so useful information does not get lost in the sea of messages rushing in (10 in total). Messages are also color coded for you automatically and include timestamps on them.

Special messages also include a button so further action can easily be taken. An example of this is a hacker detection warning, where instead of looking for the player in the logs or player list, you can just click a link in the chat message itself and quickly open up all the information pertaining to that specific player.

TSW knows you are a busy admin and knows that there are certain actions that need your attention more than others. To that end, TSW contains an advanced toaster style popup system, much like those in software such as Skype/MSN/Growl, which alerts you of specific events when they happen. They are hard to miss so you always know when events you care about happen. This popup system contains simple warning popups and popups that suggest to you a useful follow up action.

An example case, displayed on the image as well, is when you delete a vehicle. When you do that, it will suggest to you a follow up action for deleting that vehicles spawn point as well. TSW knows that sometimes when you delete a vehicle, you also meant to delete its spawn point, so that the vehicle does not spawn on its own anymore, leaving you wondering why the vehicle is still there when you meant to delete it.

Other useful popups show when TSW detects that a player has been kicked from the server, someone has requested an admin on in-game chat, someone needs to report a hacker or a user is complaining about someone teleporting.

Other special actions also trigger this popup system, to let you know something has happened and thinks you would like to be informed of it.

Attention Popups

Weapon Detection Features

TSW comes with a weapon detection filter that can scan players’ inventories for weapons and items that you deem illegal at some point in time.

The rules for this scanner work by reading time from spawn, item name and by using trigger options.

Trigger options include Warn, Kick and Ban. By default, all items on the list will be marked as Warn, and when the item is detected on each scan, a warning message and respective popup will be triggered. If the trigger also includes option for kick, it will kick the player from the server with a message as to why he was kicked. The ban option should be used with extreme care and should only be used on items that are just too powerful and impossible to get; a good example being A10 weapon pods.

This detection system can also include player skins in the search. For example, by default, the tool comes with a set of predefined rules that will trigger a warning when a player finds a ghillie suit within 15 minutes of spawning. It is very common for this be triggered by normal players if they are near main cities, but extremely uncommon for any legit player to have one if he is away from a major city. After 15 minutes, this rule is not relevant anymore and will be ignored.

The configuration window for this system includes options for exporting, saving and a link to a list of items. The inventory window for a player contains an option to temporarily ignore this type of warning from this specific player.

Players marked as "donators" or that contain a custom loadout set by the database will be automatically filtered out of this detection mechanism to avoid false positives.

Teleport Detection

Teleport detection is achieved by continuous scanning and storing of player positions.

It will record each player’s position updates, record timestamps and other information, then calculate the relative median speed of the player based on those position updates.

This system then feeds that information into another system that will categorize this updates and try and associate them with a current known vehicle, and if it is detected that a player is in fact driving a vehicle and is within the speed limits of said vehicle, it will flag the update as harmless and safely discard it.

However, if said update is flagged as a possible teleport, it will then be fed into another system that will attempt to further filter out false positives such as skin changes, death teleports, database desyncs and several others. Only when these updates fail all possible filters will they be reported to the admin as a possible teleport, and detailed information will be shown and a warning popup sent.

The inventory window for a player contains an option to temporarily ignore this type of warning from this specific player.

Player Window

The player inventory window provides you with a quick way to view all details pertaining to a single player in an easy-to-view, organized way.

In it you can also trigger the most common actions you would perform on a specific player. You can teleport a player, give them a gear loadout, edit their gear, give health and fix their character state (in case their character gets bugged), view their public variables, send them private messages, kickor ban them and also use a special button that teleports your camera directly to them so you can quickly view them in the Map View

This window also contains a detailed description of all the gear and items the player has in their inventory, backpack and in their hands, separated by horizontal tabs to make it easier to view all their equipment. No longer do you need to look at long strings of raw database data and potentially miss something.

The player window also includes all the extra information you might need from a player, such as how long their character has been alive, what their exact coordinates are, what skin they are using, what vehicles the tool thinks they are in, their humanity, total bandit kills, total survivor kills, total zombie kills, total survival attempts, as well as their GUID, Player ID, IP address, etc.

You can also quickly add temporary markers to silence weapon warnings and teleport detection warnings. This is useful for disabling admins who might be performing in-game maintenance and teleportation.

The player list allows you to see who is online on your server. It shows you which player last connected and can be searched easily.

It contains the player number (RCON player number), their name, ping, in-game status (whether they are in-game or in lobby) and a special button that allows you to quickly check and see their specific player window.

Tip Clicking on the player’s name will move your Map View camera directly on top of that player. This way you can quickly move around the map and look at players without having to manually move around to find them.

Player List

Bans Window

TSW supports two modes for ban lists. One is an in-app ban list and the other is the normal ban list on the server.

By default, all the bans made with TSW will be added to the in-app ban list as well. This makes them easily searchable and also save detailed information following the ban. This information includes player chat, position updates including relative speeds, complete inventory and backpack, hacker detection warnings, time alive, GUID, IP, player ID, source server as well as other useful information.

Bans can be added from the player window directly or from a ban window that allows searching. Bans can be added for offline players as well.

Ban lists are separated by common names. For example, all bans from TSW are put in their own category. Bans coming from several public ban lists are separated by source ban list and you can easily open each one of them separately. This helps when manually looking at ban lists; no longer will you have to deal with visually trying to find a specific ban that could be in the middle of a community ban list dump -- everything is separated.

A special Sync option allows you to easily synchronize community ban lists (the tool can download several for you), your own in-app ban list and the server ban list. This comes in handy when you have more than one server, because with a click of a button, you can sync ban lists from one of your servers with the other. This is not automatic however, and will require you to connect to the other server first. The sync button will also attempt to do some clean up on your ban list by removing duplicate bans, to keep the ban list as short as possible.

The bans window also includes a RAW bans tab. In here you can see and search all bans on the server banlist (does not include in-app bans).

TSW can also provide you with a quick way to add server-wide messages to your server. This will only work as long as the tool is running, so you should use a more permanent method if you wish to continue with your server messages. For this effect TSW also includes a BEC toolbox window that can generate BEC configuration files for you that you can then modify as you see fit. However, this is perfect if you need a temporary and easy-to-use solution.

You can quicky enable and disable the sending of these messages with a checkbox on the top part of the tool that is always visible.

The tool will handle the configuration of these messages in the following way: each invidual message will have to be put in its own configuration line, in sequential order. It will then be sent to the server at a specific global interval, so each message will be send at exactly the same time difference from each other.

Example use: This Server Auto Restarts every 2 hours: (GMT+1) 09:00, 11:00, 13:00 .....

Server Messages

Swear Words

Also included is swear word detection. This tool will scan every message for illegal words and warn the player if such a word is found. It can also do a partial search, so, for example, if an illegal word is said inside another larger word, the filter will also find it. You can also configure the filter so that it searches full words by putting a space in front and behind.

You can configure how many offences the player commits before they are kicked. Offences are individual by message, so if someone says the same illegal word more than once in the same message it will not count towards the maximum. This way they wont get instantly kicked without any warning. The default amount of offences is three, after which the player is kicked from the game.

TSW also provides audio warnings with a volume slider for the following events:

Hacker detection - when a hacker detection warning is thrown, a visual popup will be shown as well as a chatlog warning. If an audio warning is also enabled, the selected sound will be played.

Admin requested - if someone requests an admin using in-game chat on any chat channel, an admin requested popup will display. If an audio warning is also enabled, the selected sound will be played.

Hacker detection warnings and admin requested warnings both use different sounds.

Audio Warnings

Admin Toolbox

Admin Toolbox contains a set of useful features you can use in your admin tasks.

It contains buttons to open the following:

Vehicle Toolbox - this allows you to set up spawn points and also trigger spawning of vehicles. You can easily create new spawn points, edit them, manually trigger their spawns and remove them.

BEC Toolbox - this allows you to generate BEC configuration files. Set up some options quickly and let the code generate those enormous configuration files for you, all with the correct job IDs and messages. It also allows you to set up restart jobs. This is useful for when you want to include several warnings leading up to a restart and don't want to type all the repeated jobs for the messages leading up to each restart hour.

DB Toolbox - shows you stats about your database and allows you to perform some database maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up destroyed vehicles, old bodies or vehicles that havent been touched for a while.

RCON quick actions - Lock and unlock of the server.

Reload scripts and events (live reload of BattlEye filters can be acheived by clicking these)

Reloading the banlist.txt file from disk, in case you edit it directly and need it to be loaded back into the server.

BEC toolbox can generate BEC (Battleye Extended Controls) configuration files for you. Just set some quick options and let the code generate those enourmous configuration files for you, all with the correct job IDs and messages.

It also allows you to set up restart jobs, useful for when you want to include several warnings leading up to a restart and don't want to type all the repeated jobs for the messages leading up to each restart hour.

For restart message generation you could configure it to do the following (example):

Restart hours : 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, 24:00, etc

And then for the messages that will lead up to a restart:

Announce Times (before restart): 02:58, 02:00, 00:45, 00:30, 00:15, 00:05, 00:01

This will generate messages that tell your players via Global chat the length of time until a restart is due for each restart hour, so it will generate for the restart at 09:00, 2 hours and 58 minutes before it happens. At 06:02 it will say in Global chat: Restart in 02 hours and 58 minutes

BEC Toolbox

Database Toolbox

The DB Toolbox shows you stats about your database and alows you to perform some database maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up destroyed vehicles, old bodies or vehicles that haven't been touched for a while The stats displayed include: Unique Player Count, Alive Player Count, Corpse Count, Tent Count, Sandbag Count, Tank Trap Count, Bear Trap Count, Wire Fence Count, Total Deployable Count, Vehicle Count, Chopper Count (total), and then individual chopper counts for the Huey, Little Bird MI-17 and KA-60.

Included maintenance functions:

Delete corpses (won't delete deployable owners)

Delete destroyed vehicles (with damage = 1)

Delete vehicles last touched longer than 3 days ago.

The vehicle toolbox window allows you to create new spawn points for your vehicles.

The way Reality spawns vehicles is by first creating a spawn point and then creatng a vehicle entity in the database associated with this spawn point. For a vehicle to be valid, it needs to be associated with a spawn point.

TSW knows this and will let you spawn vehicles easily by taking care of all the details for you. It will load all the vehicle spawn points from the database and let you edit them, as well as actually spawn the vehicle in question, that is, create an entity associated with the spawn point and configure it all properly without breaking any of Blisses rules.

TSW also allows you to create new spawn points, and does this in a very neat way. First, it will ask you which vehicle you wish to spawn. You can enter a partial name if you dont remember the full name and it will show you a list of possible vehicles. After you select one, it will let you configure all the details for that particular spawn point and will also give you a checkbox asking you if you also want to create the entity associated with the spawn point at the same time you create the spawn point.

TSW also allows you to delete vehicles and associated spawn points. It does this by giving you an option in the vehicle window to delete vehicle and then asks you whether you also want to delete the associated spawn point. This way you can spawn and delete vehicles by simply typing their names, clicking on the selected choice, pointing and clicking where to spawn the vehicle, clicking Spawn! and then deleting it by simply clicking off the map and selecting delete. Voila, 5 seconds to create a vehicle and spawn it, 2 seconds to delete it and the associated spawn point.

The vehicle toolbox also allows you to put comments on the spawned vehicles. This way you can tag the spawn points and associated vehicle spawns and track where they came from. For example, I tag all my vehicles using comments like "Northen Bus Stop in Cherno" and similar, so I always know where a vehicle came from.

Along with showing you a list of all available spawn points, the vehicle toolbox window will also show you comments for each one, their location, a button to change its location by clicking on the map, the spawn chance and a button to spawn or respawn a vehicle in that spawn location. This button will change from "Spawn" to "Respawn" if it is detected that a vehicle associated with the spawn point already exists.

Vehicle Toolbox

Warning Domes

Warning domes are dome shaped structures that you can spawn INSIDE the tool and that do not show up in-game. These domes allow you to set some actions for TSW to run when a player goes inside those domes. These actions range from warning a player, issuing a kick on entering the dome, issue a teleport after said kick and warning a player before they're kicked.

These actions also include the following modifiers:

Whitelist by Humanity and/or GUID - this way you can set up safe areas where only some players may go, whether they be an admin or a hero, for example.

Display messages for whitelisted only players upon entering and exiting the dome, for example "Welcome to your safe zone" and "You left a safe zone".

You can specify teleport locations for the kicks and also kick messages.

The dome feature is very useful for setting up server events; people have used them to set up teleportation portals in remote areas like Kamenka, where once you go in, you get kicked with a message such as "You are beeing teleported to Elektro", and when the player joins back he is in Elektro.

You can also set up something like a fight to the death zone type event, where players can enter a specific dome to be teleported to the northen part of the map and into the event area. Admins can then give those players special equipment. Paired with server messages, you can warn your players about what is happening and they can choose whether or not they want to participate. Use your imagination. :D

You can spawn a warning dome with Shift+Left-click anywhere on the map.


Licenses for TSW currently are tied to a single server but not individual clients or computers. This means that you can use TSW with as many admins as you need (provided your server can handle that many) on a single license, in parallel.

The licenses are paid via paypal, you will have to contact me directly for purchasing it. If you have more than one server, please contact me regarding this so we can discuss more attractive pricing, please acknowledge that the first license will always be full price regardless of how many you purchase afterwards.

If your server changes location this does NOT count as a new server and the older license can be migrated.

When purchasing TSW you will have access to support via forum and email, live support via skype is also available but cannot be garanteed. As with any applications bugs to show up from time to time and they will be fixed as soon as possible (however they can not be fixed as soon as you report them, usually it will take a few days to get them fixed and an update to be sent out), if you happen to find a bug not yet reported in the forums, please do make a forum post regarding the problem so it can be reviewed. Experimental builds, clearly marked as DEV will most likely contain bugs.

Refunds can be given in full if after configuration and troubleshooting, it is not possible to generate a valid license. However, after a valid license is generated, it is yours to keep forever and no refunds can be given.

By purchasing TSW you agree that you have read and understood what you are purchasing and what the conditions are, you also agree that you have read and understood the requirements for running the tool and that it is an application in constant development that may contain bugs.